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A Message to Parents

Good Morning,



Following from our first trial day of learning at home, I would like to thank parents that emailed and provided feedback about the remote learning plan. I love that it is working for some of you and I'm going to try my best today to make it work for all of you.

Firstly, I'd like to emphasise the fact that you are not being asked to home-school your children, we are at school day two of a national (and worldwide) pandemic. As a school, we are simply providing learning options for your children. Please, just do the best that you can while having as much fun as you possibly can. Our motto is 'Learn and be happy' so if a rigid timetable or trying to access a crashing Purple Mash website is getting you to the point of crashing a laptop - please, stop.

You are a parent first - and a great one too! Every child in Year 3 is polite, happy and tries their best.


As the day goes by, I'm going to add to the list of useful websites below. If for any reason you can't or don't want to access the daily structured learning - use these and allow your child to choose what they would like to do. Or play a board game for your maths lesson, make a meal together for design technology,  create a play in your living room for literacy. Just do what feels best for you and your family.


Please, continue to email me, send me the work they've done or game they've played, I'll be happy to 'mark' it. I can start adding completed work to this page or experiments you've carried out and wanted to share. 


Hope this helps.

Thank you for your continuing support,


Miss Stott