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This year members of the School Council and Eco Committee have been meeting regularly with Mrs Hill. We have been discussing the issues of parking around school. The council members have drafted letters which can be distributed to local residents outlining the actions taken in school. They organised a poster competition to remind parents of the importance of being mindful to our residents and the hope is the winning poster will be printed and distributed to local residents to display.

The Council have also been discussing our indoor environment and the importance of keeping cloakroom areas tidy; they are suggesting ideas to class teachers for storage of PE kits etc to lessen the equipment in the cloakroom areas.

They were responsible for generating ideas for rewards for the winning teams and after each meeting the councillors feedback to their classes. There are extra Y6 councillors who feedback to Reception and Key Stage 1 classes.


The Eco Committee members have been chosen by their classes (Y3-6) and they are responsible for working alongside the School Council on eco matters affecting our school. So far they have been monitoring the amount of paper thrown away by each class and suggested ways of re-using paper. Some of them were very eager to name and shame teachers! More recently, the eco team have been monitoring the use of electricity in school and a couple were very keen to check classrooms at dinnertimes and playtimes to make sure teachers hadn't left lights and whiteboards switched on in empty classrooms! They were very good at monitoring this and hunting down the staff members! Each of the Junior classes were asked to think of a motto for our school being an Eco School, there were some very good suggestions and it was a close call to make the final decision.  The winning motto was "Don't be a fool, be an Eco school!"