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World Book Day



Today Year 6 transformed themselves into characters from books to link with World Book Day. The children looked amazing and everyone had really made an effort with their costumes. There were Gangsta Grannies, Billionaire Boy, Harry Potter, Dennis the Menace, Where's Wally and Dorothy to name but a few. Well done to all the children for their creativity with their characters for Francesca Simon too. We had:
Lazy Leila,Menacing Mason,Lucky Lucy, Excited Eromi, Clumsy Callum, Jam-Headed James, Hyper Hannah, Ecstatic Esther, Joking Jackson, Lying Lilia, Jaffa-Cake Jodie, Harsh Halstead, Dubious Joe, Over-weight Owen, Tumbling Tia, Cheerleading Chelsea, Enthusiastic Emily, Lovely Leah, Genius Georgia, Dabbing Dominic, Ridiculous Rhys, Boring Brooks, Bubbling Briony, Energised Enfys, Crazy Kyle, Odd Olivia, Shabby Charlotte and Chubby Charlie.
I have to say the children all picked their own names and came up with some great character profiles. Well done!

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