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Who's Who

Headteacher - Mrs J Marr

Deputy Headteacher - tbc

EYFS and Key Stage 1 Lead - Mrs K Bridges

Key Stage 2 Lead - Mrs S Melvin

SEND Co -  Miss Z Stott 

School Business Manager - Mrs A Melvin
School Business Support Officer - Mrs J Gregory

Foundation Stage teacher - Mrs K Bridges 
Foundation Stage teaching assistants - Miss J Nuttall and Mrs L Holt

Year 1 teacher - Mrs L Dixon and Mrs S Egan
Year 1 teaching assistant -  Mrs E Ball

Year 2 teacher - Miss J Tattersall
Year 2 teaching assistant - Mrs J Rothwell

Year 3 teacher - Miss Z Stott
Year 3 teaching assistant - Miss K Collins


Year 4 teacher - Mr L Davies

Year 4 teaching assistant - Mrs E French


Year 5 teacher - Mr J Syers
Year 5 teaching assistant - Mrs T Breen 

Year 6 teacher - Mrs S Melvin
Year 6 teaching assistant -  Mrs Singleton


Personal Mentor - Miss K Collins


Intervention Teaching Assistant - Miss S Nanyn


HLTAs -  Mrs J Rothwell and Mr R Ball


Designated Senior Leads for Safeguarding, CLA and Child Protection  - Mrs J Marr and Mrs S Melvin

Pupil Premium Leads - Mrs J Marr and Mrs C Duffy

Online Safety Lead - Mr J Syers and Mrs J Marr 

Prevent Lead - Mrs S Melvin and Mrs C Duffy

Site Supervisor - Mr S Johnson
Cleaner - Mrs J Collins

                Mrs H Crook

Catering Manager - Mrs D Mackulin
Catering Assistant - Mrs J Lee

Catering Assistant - Mrs M O'Keane

Welfare Assistant - Mrs R Abbott
Welfare Assistant - Mrs E French
Welfare Assistant - Mrs M Curness

Welfare Assistant - Miss R Barnes

Welfare Assistant - Miss P Steer