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The Creepy Crawly Show

The Creepy Crawly Show by Holly G (Year 3)


Today the Creepy Crawly Show came to Northern Primary School. We saw lots saw lots of different kinds of creatures. The first was a hissing cockroach, stroking its bumpy shell was very enjoyable. Elivia held it bravely as did Benjamin. One fact about the hissing cockroach - if its head was chopped off for whatever reason, it could still survive for 10 days because its brain is in its bum. Fascinating.

Next we met Rose, the tarantula. I didn't really like her because I was scared she might get angry. Jungle Phil told us that when she gets angry she spits her hairs at you and if it goes in your eyes you could be blind for a few minutes, if it went in your mouth you'd have a bad cough and if it landed on your skin you'd be covered in blisters!

Next up - Little Tim. He looked like a hedgehog but he was actually a Tenrec, Jungle Phil said Tenrecs are more closely related to elephants than hedgehogs. He felt quite prickly.

The leopard gecko was called leopard because he had spots just like a leopard on his back. They store all of their fat in their tail. However, when they are in the wild and being chased by a predator, they drop their tail and hope that it grows back. If it doesn't, they might die.

Liz the Python. Liz was a royal python, she seemed really calm although I'm sure it's because we all sat so quietly. I held her at the end of the lesson. She was smooth.

Lastly, we met the 3 African land snails. If you are going to hold an African land snail you want to put a lot of water on your hands so their slime doesn't dry up. African land snails obviously come from Africa. Jungle Phil made Mrs Marr kiss the snail, it was funny.

My favourite creature was the leopard gecko because he was so adorable and cute.