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Sign2Sing week.



This week, Year 6 have been learning about and raising awareness of how deaf people live, feel and how they have to adapt their way of living. We have been learning about Patrick Otema; a young deaf boy from Uganda and learning about his way of life and comparing it with ours and the children have displayed some amazing perceptions and empathetic views to Patrick and his life. They will be writing a diary as Patrick this week too to show how they would feel after a day in his shoes.
We have also been attempting to become good lip readers and today the children were trying an experiment with their partners to see what was tricky about lip reading. They also said how they felt being the person trying to lip read and the feelings of frustration they all encountered. They all enjoyed this activity and even though some messages didn't really match what they were saying, the children showed great understanding of the daily battles deaf people may encounter and how easy their life is and how we can take things simple things (such as hearing) for granted. Have a look at the photographs to spot what was going on.

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