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Science Week

10th July 2017


What an incredible science week we have had! Where do I begin?

Monday - we studied the process of pollination and fertilisation in plants. Using our knowledge, we created 'freeze frames' that depicted each stage in a plant's life cycle. 

Tuesday - We studied how water travels up the stem of a plant. This required experimentation! We placed celery sticks in coloured water so we could physically see the water travel up the stem. We also predicted how different variables may have an impact on how quickly the water was absorbed. Some of us placed our celery in the fridge, under a heat lamp, next to the radiator or simply on the window sill at room temperature. We are eagerly await the results, measuring our celery every day.

Wednesday - The whole class were immersed in our 'Colour Symphony' experiment where we added food colourings to whole milk so we could witness the chemical reaction between milk and washing up liquid. The children then investigated what effect the size and depth of the tray had on the reaction.

Thursday - Archimedes and Macintosh. Year 2 and 3 had a blast learning about the scientific discoveries of Archimedes and Macintosh. We then recreated 2 of their experiments. 

Friday - Write up day! We have been using our mathematical brains all week to ensure perfect measurements. Today, we have been writing up instructions, profiles, diary entries and more. Each piece of writing illustrates what fun we have had this week.

Thank you all so much for your fantastic Science Selfie Competition entries. Please scroll down to view a few pictures from this week.

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