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One Goal

3rd July 2017


Year 3 have been extremely lucky to have One Goal visit our classroom every Monday morning this Summer Term. One Goal have an engaging yet simple step by step system that has helped to build the children's resilience, shape their thinking and empower them with the tools and resources to succeed in today's world. They have introduced The 6 Habits Mindset;

Challenging children to think differently and have a positive mindset.

Empowering children to be leaders and take 100% responsibility for their actions.

Teaching children to take risks and to do what is right even in the face of fear.

Encouraging children to be fully committed and focused on achieving their goals.

Inspiring children to approach their life and learning with passion and curiosity.

Helping children learn the social and team skills to cultivate caring and supportive relationships.

We look forward to their visit every week!

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