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Infant Sports Day



In ICT we evalauated our sports day:

"At sports day today we did three running races and a sack race. I fell over 3 times. A girl was really fast in the running race." by Ralph

"On sports day I had an egg race with my friends. I dropped it first but I still came 5th. When I dropped it I laughed." by Lois

"Today it was sports day and we did lots of things like... running races,, throwing bean bags into a hoop, jumping, throwing stuff and a sack race. Last of all we jogged around the yard and went into school." by Freya

"On sports day the 22nd June 2017 we played a lot of sports as you know. The first thing we did was a running race when I skidded into the finish line and tried to come first but came third. The second one we did an egg race which was not an egg it was a bean bag." by Adam

On June 22nd 2017 Northern Primary School had a sports day. We did an egg and spoon race, a normal running race, a sack race and who can jump the furthest. Lots of people fell when it was the sack race. My favourite race was the normal race. Lots of people tried hard." by Elivia

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