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Along with Year 6, Year 4 were very lucky to have award winning author Edward Trayer, better known by his nom de plume of Billy Bob Buttons, give a writing workshop. As a writer of 13 children's novels including the UK People's Book Prize winner 'I Think I Murdered Miss' (which the children had great fun reading), he had a lot to tell us all about the art of writing from creating characters which the reader cares about, effective use of similes, metaphors and how to include humour to make our writing shine and get over the dreaded writer's block! He also stayed to answer a Q&A session from the children about what it's like to be an author, how he got started as a writer and his sources of inspiration. The children's literacy knowledge and manners also did Northern proud!

If you missed out this afternoon on getting hold of a signed book order forms are still available for them.

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