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Bacup Natural History Trip



Today we were blessed with good weather for our trip to Bacup Natural History Museum. The children were able to see Mrs Ibbits' shop as fantastically re-enacted by the staff at the museum. The children were split into 3 groups and led around by Wendy, Christine and Ken. The activities were exploring the museum's second floor, visiting the shop and sitting room of Mrs Ibbits where the children got to taste some real life sweets and then they enlisted for the army. They created some interesting names for their commanding officer and Doctor. The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip and everyone (including the accompanying staff) learnt something about Bacup in 1917. Credit must be given to the attentive and knowledgeable staff and to the staff who supplied the very warm children with a refreshing cordial and biscuit each. Have a look at the photographs below.

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