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Bacup in 1917 project.



During Summer 2, we have been learning all about Bacup in 1917 and have joined forces with Bacup Natural History museum to form a project about the centenary of Bacup. We have looked at old photos to identify places in Bacup and how they have changed over time. The children researched jobs that they could have done in 1917 and wrote about what they would like to have been. Then they looked at the signs and shops that used to be in Bacup - then designed their own 1917 style sign for shops that are in Bacup now. We have also discussed rationing and its impact on our town and focussed in particular on a lady called Mrs Ibbits. She produced fruit and veg to sell to the people of our community and kept our people strong and healthy. Next Wednesday, we will walk to Bacup Natural History Museum to experience first-hand some of the artefacts on show and give the children opportunity to ask any questions that they still have after this project. We also planted crops in a planter box on the school field. Wow- it has been a busy last half term!

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